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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Jerry Ghionis - What Makes Me Click DVD
Come join Jerry on this intimate evening at the Como Cinema in Melbourne, where he presented in front of 250 of his peers. In this entertaining, fun-filled and enjoyable evening, Jerry bared his heart and soul, to reveal - "What Makes You Click"

Discover what inspires Jerry, his thought process and what it's like shooting a wedding through his eyes. It's a wonderful opportunity you must not miss. Detailed explanation of how he works will be revealed, turning the ordinary into extraordinary in his distinctive signature style.

Techniques (lighting with video light and candlelight, a study of shadows and reflections and his methods for posing) are all covered by Jerry. A truly wonderful evening that keeps everyone entertained, inspired and captivated.

Julian Walker, Studio Max, Melbourne, Vic

"We are still buzzing"
Paul & Tierre McCormack, Albury, NSW

"Every now and then, a star is born"
Yervant, Melbourne, Vic


An all-new Audio Visual highlighting some of Jerry's favourite photographs!

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Jerry Ghionis - Australian Master Photographer DVD

Australian Master Photographer, Jerry Ghionis, a world-class photographer, has earned a reputation as a dynamic and inspirational speaker throughout Australia, England, Ireland, Scotland, Canada and America.

Having a unique vision as an image-maker, Jerry also boasts of a natural business sense. Jerry has made his company XSight Photography and Video one of the leaders in the wedding industry, winning awards, one after another.

Some of this achievements:
WPPI "Wedding Album of the Year" and perfect scores of 100 in 2003 and 2004
AIPP Victorian "Wedding Album of the Year" in Australia in 2005, 2004 and 2002.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Photography DVD List - ready for download

1 Gary Fong How to Get Rich As a Photographer
2 Mike Colon(MC) Reaching the High-End Bride
3 MC The Colon Experience 4-Day Intensive
4 MC On Location With Mike Colón Toronto
5 Gino L. vol 1-5
6 Jerry ghionis vol 1-3
7 Dean colins
8 Masters of Wedding Photography 1&2
9 Joe Buissink DVD: Defining the Moment
10 Bambi Cantrell vol1 Comtemporary Wedding Photography
11 Bambi Cantrell vol2 Choices and Challenges
12 Doug Gordon (DG) Bride Alone Flow Posing
13 DG Bride and Groom Flow Posing
14 DG Ground Posing and Using the Surroundings
15 DG Weddings with a Video Light the Easy Way
16 DG The Sexy Bride DVD
17 Ryan Schembri Debut
18 Ryan Schembri Freaking Out in Photoshop
19 Kevin kubota actions vol 1-3
20 Yervant dancing with bride and groom
21 Tommy colbert on location training
22 Mary Du Prie Photographing Models
23 Guy Gowan Adobe Photoshop Cosmetic Technique
24 Zack Arias One Light Workshop
25 Bobby Lane Portrait lighting techniques
26 Canon Advanced Techniques - Through the Eyes of a Pro 1
27 Canon Advanced Techniques - Through the Eyes of a Pro 2
28 Bryan F Peterson The perfect picture
29 Photoshopcafe Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 For Digital Photographers Part1 & Part2 DVDR
30 Digital Portraiture Basics - level ONE DVD
31 Digital Portraiture Basics - level 2 DVD
32 Digital Portraiture Basics - level 3 DVD
33 Photoshop for Wedding Photographers by Scott Kelby
35 PhotoShop Top Secret
36 NAPP Photoshop Video Tutorials Vol 1-2-3-4-5-6
37 Matthew Jordon Smith Secrects of Photographic Lighting
38 Strobist - Lighting Seminar DVD3
39 Digital Photoshop Pretouching - Photoshop Retouching & Photography Tutorial Videos
40 Kelby Training Photoshop for Wedding Photographers
41 Kelby Training - Layer Styles in Photoshop
42 Kelby Training - Professional Portrait Retouching Part1
43 Kelby Training - Professional Portrait Retouching Part2
44 Understanding Digital Photography - Release Your Digital SLR's Potential
45 The Basics Of Close-Up Photography - part one
46 The Basics Of Close-Up Photography - Part 2
47 Nikon School: Fast, Fun & Easy: Great Digital Pictures
48 Introduction To The Canon EOS 400D XTi DVD
49 Lighting For Portraits and The Portrait Video by Joe Craig

Mike Colon On Location With Mike Colón Toronto SAMPLE

Gino Lucadamo sample
photographydvd (at) yahoo (dot) com

Friday, December 26, 2008

Mike Colón - Reaching the High-End Bride
Watch this DVD and you'll learn how to:

- Increase your fees and package prices with confidence!
- Get the phone ringing with clients who appreciate your work and are willing to pay for it!
- Close the deal consistently with high-end brides!
- Learn compelling secrets to Colón's success!

Hear what photographers are saying about this DVD:

  • GARY FONG Storybook Weddings | Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA
    "Mike really understands business and the mindset for getting yourself on a similar fast-track for success... He is very sharing and giving with his tips as he is very committed in helping others. You'll love this DVD and getting to know Mike, his photography, and his business secrets more intimately."

  • DAVID JAY David Jay Photography | Santa Barbara, CALIFORNIA
    "The incredible inspiration and step-by-step guide that Mike gives on the DVD allowed me to quadruple my prices in one year. This comes as a direct result of Mike generously sharing the information that was necessary to take my business to the next level. This isn't a video that I will only watch once or twice but a video I will watch and learn from for as long as I am in business...and that will be a long time if I apply what he says!"

  • PAUL F. GERO Paul Gero Photography | Ladera Ranch, CALIFORNIA
    "It was truly a valuable and thought-provoking program that has forced me to re-evaluate everything I thought I knew about marketing my business. When I look back in five years, I'm certain there will be a distinct line between my business before the seminar and my business after."

Download here:

photographydvd (at) yahoo (dot) com

Ryan Schembri - Freaking Out in Photoshop DVD
Photography DVD Review:
Ryan Schembri's Freaking Out in Photoshop DVD

Join Ryan in this in-depth look at his Photoshop techniques and thought process, as those almost impossible looking images are brought to life in this DVD. Giving you a first hand look at how they are all created.

• A 20 minute interview with Ryan on his mindset when manipulating files in Photoshop, what to look for & how to start pushing the envelope.
• A 60-minute, first hand feature on the tips, tricks & techniques Ryan uses in Photoshop, when he works a number of images.
• A step-by-step look and breakdown of some of Ryan’s most illustrious images.

A range of both day-to-day production workflow images to preparing
images for award style printing are featured on this DVD.

Run Time: 88mins

Download here:

photographydvd (at) yahoo (dot) com